sinSplash venus – worldsbest realistisc sextoy for men

With the SinSplash Venus the feeling of real sex

If you are looking for the best vaginal masturbator (“lust pussy” “pocket pussy”) you should read carefully now! Even if you do not want to buy a sinSplash Venus, you can take a lot of information with you through this “information letter” and integrate it directly into your lovemaking.

Jacky also gives you indecent tips as a bonus, such as:

☑ The virgin intruder
☑ Tips for longer sex
☑ With the SinSplash plastic sex fantasies
☑ The pubic effect
☑ … and some more.

Take a few minutes and find out what makes sinSplash Venus so unique:

☑ The realistic meaty material which is twice as expensive to produce as – normal-expensive masturbators in the final price.

☑ The SinSplash Venus texture which does not numb the penis against nubs and grooves, but unlocks the nerves and thus makes the penis more and more sensitive.

☑ A material that is absolutely safe and free from TPE base (petroleum)!

Dynamik A dynamic that simulates a woman’s movement during sex.

Saug A suction effect that simulates a blow job very well.

☑ Why sinSplash sensitizes the penis and helps to enjoy longer sex.

☑ Why the “simple” form is really a high end development.

All of these and even more sinSplash advantages mean that a sinSplash used correctly (we show you this in the free sinSplash pleasure guide) leads to plastic feelings. In this sense, plastic means more than “just” realistic; a high level of plastic feelings ensures that the border between sex and toys disappears.

When used correctly, plastic feelings ensure that a groan pulls directly from the tip of the penis into the spinal cord. Or that a sex toy develops such a momentum (through the dynamics of our Realismustoys) that you feel that the pubic bone of the woman is bobbing up and down.

… you will also learn numerous tips for your sex life!